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Volleyball Referee Hand Signals - RHS COLTS ATHLETICS

hand facing upwards DOUBLE CONTACT Raise two fingers, spread open FOUR HITS Raise four fingers, spread open NET TOUCHED BY A PLAYER Indicate the respective side of the net REACHING BEYOND THE NET l ac ehndb ov t, p m facing downwards PENETRATION Point to the centre line DOUBLE FAULT & REPLAY Raise both thumbs vertically DELAY WARNING

Different hand signals in volleyball

Why use hand signals before diving on hand signals, lettives quickly review because setters use hand signals. In a game of volleyball, each point is important. When your team is getting a serve, you are expected to perform an offensive game that will allow


VOLLEYBALL SIGNALS. 13. Ball Lands Inbounds 14. Out-of-Bounds/ Antenna Violation 15. Begin Serve 16. Substitution 17. Authorization to Enter 18. Point 19. Replay/Re ...

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o Signal: Flat rotating hand moving rapidly + + + • Front Slide – Quick set 3-4 ft in front of setter. Just like a “31” just a little closer to setter. o Signal: Pinky and thumb extended (hang loose signal) • Back A – Quick set right behind setter to RS or MB o Signal: Pinky finger pointed down


OFFICIAL VOLLEYBALL SIGNALS PlayPics courtesy of (www.referee.com) 1. Illegal Alignment/ Improper Server 2. Line Violation 3. Illegal Hit 4. Delay of Service 5. Over-the-net 6. Net Fault or Net Serve 7. Illegal Attack 8. Illegal Block/Screening 9. Ball Touched 10. Four Hits 11. Double Hit 12. Ball Lands Inbounds


DIAGRAM 11: REFEREES’ OFFICIAL HAND SIGNALS 1 AUTHORISATION TO SERVE Relevant Rules: 12.3, Move the hand to indicate direction of service 2 TEAM TO SERVE Relevant Rules:,, Extend the arm to the side of team that will serve 3 CHANGE OF COURTS Relevant Rule: 18.2 Raise the forearms front and back and


brush upward across fingertips one time with other hand, palm forward. 11. Four Hits – Hand and arm nearest violating team raised, showing four fingers. 12. Double Hit – Hand and arm nearest violating team raised, head high, showing two fingers. 13. Ball Lands Inbounds – Extend one arm with an open hand palm forward toward the floor

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Setters handle approximately one-third of all the contacts by a volleyball team. Because of the number of touches afforded to you, you carry a dramatically over-weighted value. Perhaps more important is that setters are directing the middle contact of the normal volleyball sequence. Between the pass and the attack the setter is in control.

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Volleyball Hand Signals: How A Setter Calls Offensive Volleyball Plays Setters use volleyball hand signals to call the volleyball plays which are sets delivered at different speeds and locations to hitters to hit along the net. The setter is responsible for running her team's offense.