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These are the average requirement values based on the 4 classes of tennis courts. Class I: Professional level play- 125 foot candles Class II: College level/challenger sport- 75-100 foot candles Class III: High school/Private clubs- 50-75 foot candles Class IV: Recreational- 30-50 foot candles. Lux level for tennis court lighting

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ATP Challenger Tour Tournaments: For challenger tour tournaments lighting must be evenly distributed on the court with a minimum light intensity of 70-foot candles (about 750 lux). Light Pole Mounting: According to the ATP, all light poles should be mounted so that the light is evenly distributed around the court. The mounting heights should be no lower than 40’ or no lower than other non-show court lights at the facility.

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Therefore, indoor tennis courts can generally be located on both sides of the venue to decorate the tennis court lights for sale, and cannot be vertically projected on the ceiling, and the installation height of the lamp should not be less than 9 meters.

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Keep in mind, higher the lumen, higher is the brightness. Led tennis court lighting have 120 to 150 lm/W, metal halide has 75 to 100 lm/W, HPS has 90 to 100 lm/W, and halogen has 10 to 20 lm/W. This shows for 1 wattage of power consumption, Led tennis court lighting will emit 150 lumens.

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For horizontal illuminance the reference level of the grid is the ground. For calculation, it is recommended to define a grid of 15 points along the length direction and seven points along the width direction of the TPA, with a grid spacing of 2.5 × 2.5 m.


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