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Origin of the Word “Soccer” - Today I Found Out

Today I found out the origin of the word “soccer”.

language | Soccer Gaming

When i was on fifa 18 there were a great post about changing the commentary language with hex editor i tried it with fifa 19 and it is not working.

Origin Of The Word "Soccer"? | Lexico

Football in the UK is soccer in the US, but did you know that the word soccer actually originated in England?

Languages Worldwide

This detailed visualization breaks down the 100 most spoken languages around the world, by total and native speakers.

Origin of the Word Soccer - soccermaniak.com

Origin of the word soccer, surprisingly, comes from England.


Football (or soccer as the game is called in some parts of the world) has a long history.

Soccer Reading Comprehension - softschools.com

History of Soccer - Soccer is a world-wide sport today.

origin of the word 'soccer'? - YouTube

Where does the word 'soccer' come from, and where is it used?