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An outside hitter is the player who hits and blocks on the front left side of the court. This player is also known as a left side hitter. On offense, this person is usually one of the main passers and a go-to hitter. The outside hitter gets lots of swings at the ball not only because she is a solid hitter, but because the outside is where the ball goes most often when the pass is not perfect.

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Volleyball positions outside hitter. The left side hitter usually receives the most sets during a game and are required to pass well and hit to score points. (Al Case) An outside hitter's job is to be a primary scorer for the team who plays a big part of the team's serve receive formation so they need to pass well.

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What is the role of the outside hitter in volleyball? An outside hitter hits on the far left side of the net. Usuallythis is your "outlet" hitter meaning if there is a bad pass and thesetter can't...

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Outside Hitter (also called wing spiker, left side) Outside Hitter is the player who carries the serve receive responsibility along with the libero. Outside hitter most often attacks the balls which setter sets to the antenna to the left side of the court. Therefore after the serve outside hitters place themselves to the left front position.

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The outside hitter (aka Left Side Hitter, Left Wing Spiker) is the volleyball player that hits and blocks from the front left spot on the volleyball court. Each team consists of two outside hitters that are tasked with everything including hitting, blocking, passing, digging and serving.

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The outside hitter – also known as the left-side hitter – attacks from the left antenna and requires a player with good jumping ability. The outside hitter is often the focal point of the offense and completes most of the attack hits.

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The outside hitter position is one which most volleyball players at a higher level will have played at some point during their volleyball career. It’s a desired position for younger athletes as most of the game’s action tends to run through the strong side at the lower levels.

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OUTSIDE HITTER – a left-front or right-front attacker normally taking an approach which starts from outside the court OVERHAND PASS – A pass executed with both hands open, controlled by the fingers and thumbs, played just above the forehead.